Free Diagnostic Mercedes ECU Repair Mercedes ECM Repair

Free Diagnostic Mercedes ECU Repair Mercedes ECM Repair

Free Diagnostic Mercedes ECU Repair Mercedes ECM Repair

If you’re a Mechanic that works on Mercedes Benz Vehicles you know that after hours of sometime exhaustive testing the only thing left to consider is the Mercedes ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Mercedes ECU or Mercedes ECM (Engine Control Module) as it is also called is responsible for a myriad of features on any Mercedes. The vast majority of Mercedes ECU’s should last the lifetime of the car, we all know that just sometimes, the Mercedes ECM is the culprit. For Mercedes ECM Repair, Mercedes ECU Repair, Pressertech is here.

What does a Mercedes ECU, Mercedes ECM do?

The ECU or ECM is the largest processing computer in a car. The newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles can have over 70 separate control units. Engine Computers computes more data than the rest of the vehicle combined in most cases.

Why you should choose Pressertech

At PRESSERtech, we’ve spent years analyzing and repairing Mercedes ECU’s. We know that the Electronic Control Unit inside out and we’ve repaired many over the years. We’re also unique in the fact that we offer a truly FREE diagnostic service and a reasonably priced Mercedes ECM Repair service. Feel free to check out our reviews or see what people are talking about on social media.

The Process of a Mercedes ECU, Mercedes ECM Diagnostic

The process is simple. You mail in the ECU and within 24 hours we’ll let you know if and how much the repair will cost. Prices can start as little as $99 for a repair and as an alternative, we can replace an unrepairable ECU. Many cases we can make it plug and play at a fraction of the price at Mercedes Benz. Virgin ECU’s will require activation with Mercedes Star Xentry and we can accommodate via our remote assistance.

Who can call Pressertech

Mechanics, repair shops and consumers alike can all take advantage of this Mercedes ECM Repair service. Therefore, in conclusion, if you are experiencing problems and you or your mechanic have exhausted all the other possibilities, take advantage of our FREE diagnostic service.

Even if you decide not to let us fix the ECU, just pay the $20 S&H to return it to you. We’ll ship it back to you securely via USPS within 24 hours of your request.

Get in touch. We don’t bite

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to pick up the phone. Talk to one of our techs, we don’t bite. It’s simple to email us through the contact section on this site or feel free to call at 770-648-0500. We’ll explain the process and the options you’ll have. You’ll be glad you did.

Atlanta’s Caffeine & Octane

What a fantastic time it was at the Caffeine & Octane Car show in May 2016! We had a great time and spoke to some really interesting people. Some of the cars were just out of this world. We love these types of gatherings where real enthusiasts can meet and talk cars… We had a great time and can’t wait until the next one. Perhaps we should think about PRESSERtech ECU Tuned Vehicles to show at one of their upcoming events? Let us know your thoughts and we’ll make it happen.