PresserTech Tune and Performance Versatility

PresserTech Tune and Performance Versatility

Pressertech Versatility

Most of our customers and readers might identify Pressertech as a shop primarily for Mercedes vehicles. Although we do love working on Mercedes, we also work on dozens of other types of vehicles. Over the years we have been able to tune and work on hundreds of people’s European import and exotic cars. Vehicles that we have worked on include Audi, McLaren, BMW, Maserati and Ferrari. We encourage any one with a European import that has an interest in a performance tuning upgrade to get in contact with us!

At Pressertech we love to take any type of car and tune it so it runs at peak performance. No matter what vehicle, when it comes in stock, the possible performance is being held back. For one reason or another, the car companies hamper their vehicles performance. Most times it is so that owners who want an upgrade will take their vehicle in for a tune at a premium price since it’s in a certified dealership. This is where PresserTech comes in.

Pressertech Tune Compared to Dealerships

As an independent shop, we can offer more affordable tunes than dealerships. Not only are we more affordable, we take pride in our customer service. Take a look at our review page if you don’t believe me! Being able to talk face to face to the person working on your car and being able to express what you want from your vehicle is immensely important. The opportunity to talk openly to each other at Pressertech allows for peak results when looking at the performance upgrades we offer.

If you are familiar with our shop, you know the results we have found after tuning and upgrading vehicles. If you are new, I will give you some details. On average, we have found that after a performance tune we can increase your vehicles horsepower and torque by 15%-30%+. This is a substantial amount of increase compared to a stock vehicle. You will definitely be able to see, hear and feel the difference in your vehicle after it has its performance tune by Pressertech.

Tune Experience Pays Off

At the end of the day, safety is our number one priority when dealing with your vehicle’s engine and technology. We ensure that your vehicle tune should never go beyond the limits of its stock capabilities. At Pressertech, we have nearly 30 years experience working on, and tuning all types of vehicles. Our customers are always satisfied with our service which is vital to our success over the past nearly 30 years. When choosing your technician, make sure they have the experience to back it up (Pressertech does!).

Where to Find Us

If you’d like to chat with us to learn more about Pressertech, you can call us at (770) 648-0500 or email Find our shop on our Contact Us page.

Tuning a BMW:Tuning Guide for a BMW DME

Tuning a BMW:Tuning Guide for a BMW DME

The Ultimate Driving Machine: Tuning A BMW DME

BMW loves to remind us of their famous slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Over the years BMW has shown the consumer they are relentless in creating vehicles that live up to that slogan. Plainly, BMW puts together a great stock vehicle. PresserTech can tune your BMW to a higher standard though! That’s where PresserTech comes in as an experienced BMW tuning shop. By tuning your BMW, our garage can make a BMW’s engine perform much more fluid with increased results in horsepower and torque.

We are aware of the general consumers belief of tuning. This being when tuning a car, especially BMW, it can be costly. PresserTech offers an affordable way to make up to a potential 15-30% + improvement in the BMW’s horsepower and torque. All this is accomplished by performing a performance tune. This tune would be done while still not compromising the stock components of the original BMW.

BMW Tuning and Performance Starts With the DME

It is important to remember how important the BMW DME technology is when considering performance. In the past 10 to 15 years, cars have been increasingly complex. This due to the technology advancements being made. This has put more potential on the table as independent garages like PresserTech can tune a stock car into finely tuned machine. When looking at the DME, this is what your car’s performance is being regulated by.

As noted on the BMW website, “The comprehensive management system for your engine: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) controls all key aspects of the engine’s operation, ensuring optimum reliability, maximum performance and the lowest possible fuel consumption and emissions.” This is why we recommend tuning the DME. Tuning is truly the best value when looking for an upgrade in vehicle performance. Besides, you can always choose other more expensive third party or aftermarket upgrades later. You will most likely find a mixture of surprise and happiness after you see the results a performance tune will give your vehicle!

Performance Tuning: More Horsepower and More Torque 

As a reminder, when tuning your BMW DME (Digital Motor Electronics), you’ll see vastly more horsepower and torque, but also better fuel efficiency. PresserTech has done hundreds of DME tuning but each driver is different. There is no one size fits all approach when looking at what upgrade to get and the results want. All of our tunes are 100% customized to your BMW vehicle. It does not matter, if you are driving a 3 series, 7 series, M series, X series, or any other BMW we can tune it. Heck, we even tuned a Vespa (true story)!

At the start of our tuning upgrade, we’ll keep your original stock BMW’s flash tune on file, so there should be no fear of trying out a tune on your car. Sometimes the tune can be too powerful for your liking, so we can always modify it or change it back. At PresserTech, we truly value the opinion of our customers so we thoroughly vet and talk with our customers before we start anything. We will ask you what you are looking for and how you want your car to perform. This ensures that we do the best quality work possible.

BMW DME Only Dealership Fixes? Not Anymore!

It’s not uncommon for you to question if your BMW’s (Digital Motor Electronics) is defective or causing your car to act up. Just a few years ago you would need to go to a certified BMW dealership to replace your DME (costing you thousands of dollars). Luckily, as technology and workmanship has trended upward, this is no longer the case (refer to our Mercedes article about this). PresserTech can help you with a Plug and Play DME. Which will include all VIN and Immobilizer information, pre-programmed with the latest BMW software.

When it comes down to it, the Pressertech garage is full of experienced car people! Not only do we have the knowledge of a DME repairs but many other types of problems as well. We ensure the best of performance upgrades in our garage!

Experience Pays Off

At the end of the day, safety is our number one priority when dealing with your BMW DME. We ensure that your BMW Tune should never go beyond the limits of your BMW’s stock capabilities. At PRESSERtech, we have nearly 30 years experience working on, and tuning vehicles. BMW is a leader in car technology. This means tuning is a delicate and complex process. When choosing your technician, make sure they have the experience to back it up. (PresserTech does!) 

Where to Find Us

If you’d like to chat with us to learn more about Pressertech, you can call us at (770) 648-0500 or email Find our shop on our Contact Us page.