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We’re passionate about what we do. It was built out of the love for Mercedes-Benz Vehicles all those years ago and has flourished into being one of the best Performance Tuners in the business. Everything we do, we do with precision and passion. Our goal always being, how can we make this car better.

Years of experience, constant testing, education and honing our skills have given us the ability to tackle almost any project. From brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati just to name a few.

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PresserTech Tune and Performance Versatility

Pressertech Versatility Most of our customers and readers might identify Pressertech as a shop primarily for Mercedes vehicles. Although we do love working on Mercedes, we also work on dozens of other types of vehicles. Over the years we have been able to tune and...

Tuning a BMW:Tuning Guide for a BMW DME

The Ultimate Driving Machine: Tuning A BMW DME BMW loves to remind us of their famous slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Over the years BMW has shown the consumer they are relentless in creating vehicles that live up to that slogan. Plainly, BMW puts together a...

Mercedes AMG GTS Review: Stage 2 Tune Creates a Maniacal Demon

PRESSERtech Client Review: Stage 2 Takes AMG GTS from “Restrained” to “Maniacal Demon” We love hearing stories from you about your performance tuning journey. Today we’re thrilled to share a Stage 2 tune review from our client Larry Flaxman. Larry recently fell in...

Mercedes GL450 Performance Tune Upgrade

Mercedes GL450 Overview The Mercedes GL450 is another SUV in Mercedes vehicle lineup that offers a great value for the stock specs and price it is offered at. This SUV is a great combination of luxury and comfort while being big enough to be a family vehicle as well....

Mercedes GL550: Performance Tuning the M278 Engine

GL550 Overview The Mercedes GL550 is a full-size luxury SUV that offers excellent comfort as well as exceptional performance. Most of these models come from the USA, specifically the Mercedes manufacturing plant in Alabama. Since it’s very first year of inception,...

Who Are Our Customers

Our customers are shops and enthusiasts alike and are located worldwide. From 48 States in the Continental USA. Alaska & Hawaii. Through Mexico, Central and South America. Europe & Africa. Asia and Australia. When customers look for a Professional Tuner, over and over they choose Pressertech. They know that each Tune is personalized for their car and special requests are always welcomed. All this while keeping your car within the safe limits of what it is capable of.

When you consider Performance Tuning your vehicle we hope you’ll consider Pressertech for all your tuning needs. Just pick up the phone or send us an email and one of our Performance Tune Specialists will be happy to take your call.

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Our Customers Say It Best

Great Service and they understand what it is we are looking for in an upgrade..fast turn around, had my unit in and out in just two days..HP and Torque changes are great and pretty amazing, yet my daily driver is still great in traffic and around town..But when you want the E550 4.7l Bi Turbo it wakes right up and will surprise you once you explored its possibilities.. Scott Anderson and the crew are the way to go..
Scott Smith

Todd over at PRESSERtech is the man. I sent my ME to him after having it bricked VIA OBD2 he fixed it no charge and tuned it personalized too my car. Power difference is incredible compared too stock, and Getting in contact with him is a breeze. PRESSERtech is 100% the way too go.

Christopher McCarty

I just wanted to thanks, Scott Anderson and Presser tech Ohana for helping me get my wife Mercedes C300 sport back on the road. Big relief and lots of joy 10 stars in my book. Aloha and Mahalo

Paul Phipps

What We Do




Are you searching for a Performance Tune for your import vehicle or maybe you’ve run into a few problems along the way? Don’t worry, Pressertech is here to help. If you’ve been told that your Mercedes ECU or BMW DME is bad, it’s time you gave us a call. We not only Performance Tune Experts, we’re also Electronic Professionals. After all, we have to be. We can repair or replace that ECU, Plug and Play or Virgin, ready to be activated with Mercedes Star/Xentry software. Many of our customers have found us after their car was diagnosed with a faulty Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock or ESL. Not to worry, Pressertech can replace that with a fully programmed ESL Emulator ready to be installed and get you back on the road. That pesky instrument cluster giving you problems? We can help with that too! We can repair or replace with Virgin or Pre-Programmed replacements. Call us for details anytime. We’ll be happy to help.