A New Chapter – Powering Up the 2014 BMW 435i with a Performance BMW Tuning

We’re excited to begin a new chapter at PRESSERtech, so we introduce BMW tuning to our offerings. We’re looking forward to welcoming BMW drivers to our garage, alongside our Mercedes Benz customers to have there very own BMW Tune. To kick it off, we had a blast tuning a 2014 BMW 435i. What better way to get started on a BMW Tune?

We love the BMW 435i for its N55 engine — a turbocharged direct injection straight-6 dual overhead camshaft (DHOC). In particular, it features a single twin scroll turbo and BMW’s proprietary Valvetronic variable valve lift. The technology makes for one solid engine under the hood, and exciting possibilities for performance tuning and specifically a BMW Tune.

BMW Tuning 435i Stock Specs

The F32 coupe was revealed in September 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This 2014 model helped usher in the BMW 4-Series, a range of entry-level luxury cars for BMW. At stock, the BMW 435i performs at 302 horsepower and 295 LBS/FT torque.

It’s certainly a gorgeous car and “a rollicking good time,” as AutoWeek once described it, but the BMW 435i is lagging in power. The good thing is that’s exactly what we’re here for — to help BMW tune this BMW 4-Series and get it performing to its fullest potential.

BMW Tuning Options

Like we’ve done for many a Mercedes Benz, we can help bring the power out of this BMW. A Stage 1 BMW tune would boost this bimmer to 375 horsepower and 308 LBS/FT torque. Our client ultimately decided on a Stage 2 BMW tune, which would power up performance to 400 horsepower and 405 LBS/FT torque.

As you’ll see in our Ultimate Tuning Guide, by BMW Tuning your vehicle, we can help your engine perform better and more efficiently. It’s not all just about horsepower and torque. By helping the power come in faster, at a lower RPM, we can also help decrease your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

The key is your BMW’s ECU, which oftentimes holds your engine’s power captive. A performance upgrade can safely breathe new life into your vehicle.

Staggering Results

Our CTO Todd Presser tested out the 435i after its tune and experienced some striking differences. Overall responsiveness was much quicker, and the lag was almost nonexistent. After the BMW performance tune, we saw a 32% increase in horsepower and a 37% increase in torque. These results, based on a software upgrade, are just staggering.

You’ll see on our YouTube channel that Todd may be having a little too much fun testing out the results. But who can blame him? (Please don’t get a speeding ticket, Todd!)

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If you’re thinking about a performance tune, give us a call at (770) 648-0500 or use our Contact Form. You can also learn about some of our other offerings including replacement of defective or damaged ECUs, as well as a permanent fix for faulty electronic steering locks.

We’re happy to chat with you about what we can do for your Mercedes or BMW!