PresserTech Tune and Performance Versatility

PresserTech Tune and Performance Versatility

Pressertech Versatility

Most of our customers and readers might identify Pressertech as a shop primarily for Mercedes vehicles. Although we do love working on Mercedes, we also work on dozens of other types of vehicles. Over the years we have been able to tune and work on hundreds of people’s European import and exotic cars. Vehicles that we have worked on include Audi, McLaren, BMW, Maserati and Ferrari. We encourage any one with a European import that has an interest in a performance tuning upgrade to get in contact with us!

At Pressertech we love to take any type of car and tune it so it runs at peak performance. No matter what vehicle, when it comes in stock, the possible performance is being held back. For one reason or another, the car companies hamper their vehicles performance. Most times it is so that owners who want an upgrade will take their vehicle in for a tune at a premium price since it’s in a certified dealership. This is where PresserTech comes in.

Pressertech Tune Compared to Dealerships

As an independent shop, we can offer more affordable tunes than dealerships. Not only are we more affordable, we take pride in our customer service. Take a look at our review page if you don’t believe me! Being able to talk face to face to the person working on your car and being able to express what you want from your vehicle is immensely important. The opportunity to talk openly to each other at Pressertech allows for peak results when looking at the performance upgrades we offer.

If you are familiar with our shop, you know the results we have found after tuning and upgrading vehicles. If you are new, I will give you some details. On average, we have found that after a performance tune we can increase your vehicles horsepower and torque by 15%-30%+. This is a substantial amount of increase compared to a stock vehicle. You will definitely be able to see, hear and feel the difference in your vehicle after it has its performance tune by Pressertech.

Tune Experience Pays Off

At the end of the day, safety is our number one priority when dealing with your vehicle’s engine and technology. We ensure that your vehicle tune should never go beyond the limits of its stock capabilities. At Pressertech, we have nearly 30 years experience working on, and tuning all types of vehicles. Our customers are always satisfied with our service which is vital to our success over the past nearly 30 years. When choosing your technician, make sure they have the experience to back it up (Pressertech does!).

Where to Find Us

If you’d like to chat with us to learn more about Pressertech, you can call us at (770) 648-0500 or email Find our shop on our Contact Us page.

Tuning a BMW:Tuning Guide for a BMW DME

Tuning a BMW:Tuning Guide for a BMW DME

The Ultimate Driving Machine: Tuning A BMW DME

BMW loves to remind us of their famous slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Over the years BMW has shown the consumer they are relentless in creating vehicles that live up to that slogan. Plainly, BMW puts together a great stock vehicle. PresserTech can tune your BMW to a higher standard though! That’s where PresserTech comes in as an experienced BMW tuning shop. By tuning your BMW, our garage can make a BMW’s engine perform much more fluid with increased results in horsepower and torque.

We are aware of the general consumers belief of tuning. This being when tuning a car, especially BMW, it can be costly. PresserTech offers an affordable way to make up to a potential 15-30% + improvement in the BMW’s horsepower and torque. All this is accomplished by performing a performance tune. This tune would be done while still not compromising the stock components of the original BMW.

BMW Tuning and Performance Starts With the DME

It is important to remember how important the BMW DME technology is when considering performance. In the past 10 to 15 years, cars have been increasingly complex. This due to the technology advancements being made. This has put more potential on the table as independent garages like PresserTech can tune a stock car into finely tuned machine. When looking at the DME, this is what your car’s performance is being regulated by.

As noted on the BMW website, “The comprehensive management system for your engine: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) controls all key aspects of the engine’s operation, ensuring optimum reliability, maximum performance and the lowest possible fuel consumption and emissions.” This is why we recommend tuning the DME. Tuning is truly the best value when looking for an upgrade in vehicle performance. Besides, you can always choose other more expensive third party or aftermarket upgrades later. You will most likely find a mixture of surprise and happiness after you see the results a performance tune will give your vehicle!

Performance Tuning: More Horsepower and More Torque 

As a reminder, when tuning your BMW DME (Digital Motor Electronics), you’ll see vastly more horsepower and torque, but also better fuel efficiency. PresserTech has done hundreds of DME tuning but each driver is different. There is no one size fits all approach when looking at what upgrade to get and the results want. All of our tunes are 100% customized to your BMW vehicle. It does not matter, if you are driving a 3 series, 7 series, M series, X series, or any other BMW we can tune it. Heck, we even tuned a Vespa (true story)!

At the start of our tuning upgrade, we’ll keep your original stock BMW’s flash tune on file, so there should be no fear of trying out a tune on your car. Sometimes the tune can be too powerful for your liking, so we can always modify it or change it back. At PresserTech, we truly value the opinion of our customers so we thoroughly vet and talk with our customers before we start anything. We will ask you what you are looking for and how you want your car to perform. This ensures that we do the best quality work possible.

BMW DME Only Dealership Fixes? Not Anymore!

It’s not uncommon for you to question if your BMW’s (Digital Motor Electronics) is defective or causing your car to act up. Just a few years ago you would need to go to a certified BMW dealership to replace your DME (costing you thousands of dollars). Luckily, as technology and workmanship has trended upward, this is no longer the case (refer to our Mercedes article about this). PresserTech can help you with a Plug and Play DME. Which will include all VIN and Immobilizer information, pre-programmed with the latest BMW software.

When it comes down to it, the Pressertech garage is full of experienced car people! Not only do we have the knowledge of a DME repairs but many other types of problems as well. We ensure the best of performance upgrades in our garage!

Experience Pays Off

At the end of the day, safety is our number one priority when dealing with your BMW DME. We ensure that your BMW Tune should never go beyond the limits of your BMW’s stock capabilities. At PRESSERtech, we have nearly 30 years experience working on, and tuning vehicles. BMW is a leader in car technology. This means tuning is a delicate and complex process. When choosing your technician, make sure they have the experience to back it up. (PresserTech does!) 

Where to Find Us

If you’d like to chat with us to learn more about Pressertech, you can call us at (770) 648-0500 or email Find our shop on our Contact Us page.

Mercedes AMG GTS Review: Stage 2 Tune Creates a Maniacal Demon

Mercedes AMG GTS Review: Stage 2 Tune Creates a Maniacal Demon

PRESSERtech Client Review: Stage 2 Takes AMG GTS from “Restrained” to “Maniacal Demon”

We love hearing stories from you about your performance tuning journey. Today we’re thrilled to share a Stage 2 tune review from our client Larry Flaxman. Larry recently fell in love with a 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS Edition, but found that it didn’t have quite the bite he was expecting. With two very important goals ahead of him (“more horsepower and more loud”), Larry dove into the world of Mercedes AMG GTS performance tuning, and we were lucky enough to get to work with him and install a stage 2 tune.

Strap in to read about Larry’s experience with PRESSERtech and his review of this Stage 2 tune with a AMG GTS edition Mercedes, which turned his civilized and restrained AMG GTS into a “maniacal demon.”

Like Father Like Son, A Passion for Mercedes Benz

Ever since I can remember, automobiles have played a significant role in my life. My Dad was an avid auto enthusiast – owning a variety of cool and often unusual vehicles. Mazda’s, Toyota’s, Lincoln’s, Infiniti’s, Fiat’s, and Mercedes.

Of his cars, two have stuck in my memory: a 1977 Mercedes 240D, and a 1978 Mercedes 300D.

Those two diesels sedans were his pride and joy. I can remember many a time seeing my Dad outside lovingly washing and waxing them both at all hours of the night… even when he had followed the exact same routine only a few days prior. To some, owning two Mercedes, especially a Mercedes AMG GTS with a stage 2 tune, likely represented extreme hedonism and outright showmanship, but, to my father, they symbolized much more. They were his passion. A passion that made a significant and lasting impact on me.

Hi, my name is Larry.  I’m a best-selling author and tv personality ( that would self-identify as a car connoisseur.  Over the course of my “adult” life, I’ve bought, modded, traded, and sold more cars than I can possibly recall. I use the term “adult” figuratively because, well, do any of us truly ever grow up? That old saying about boys and their toys is amazingly accurate.

I’ve been fortunate to have owned just about every major marquee imaginable – BMW, Porsche, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Surprisingly, the Mercedes AMG GTS brand had been missing from my ownership portfolio.

Until last year.

Love at First Sight: 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS Edition

One day while browsing cars on eBay, I came across a new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS Edition One being offered by a MB dealer in California. I had honestly never heard of this model, let alone seen nor driven one… yet I instantly fell in love. It was utterly mesmerizing with absolutely gorgeous lines and coachwork reminiscent of early 50’s style racers. When thinking about if I needed it, yes, I had to have it.

After some back and forth negotiation (and what felt like endless back and forth paperwork), I traded my heavily modified 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera for it. Next step was the long, impatient wait for the cross country enclosed transport to drop off its wondrous cargo (and pick up my own pride and joy.)

On the day of the Mercedes AMG GTS arrival, I felt a flashback to senior year of high school prom. I was so nervous and scared… yet incredibly excited. I could barely contain myself! Oh wait… never mind, I didn’t go to my senior prom.

Anyways, as the driver backed my new Selenite Gray chariot down the ramp and proceeded to pull the Lambo in its place, I shed a tear. A tear of both joy and sadness. Would this new toy fulfill my need for speed? Would it sound good? Would it impress the ladies?

I had watched a few YouTube video reviews of my new car… but, honestly, that was the extent of my pre Mercedes AMG GTS (or any car for that matter) purchase research. Upon finally seeing the car in person, my first thought was “holy crap, it’s so much larger than I thought!”

Something’s Amiss: An Engine that’s Too Quiet, Too Refined

My second thought was – “wow, it’s so quiet.” Too quiet.  On my first drive I figured out that I could adjust various parameters such as controlling shift points, exhaust tone, and suspension firmness.

But the sound. Even putting the car into Sport+ mode didn’t quite satisfy me like the sound of my yellow screaming V10 (with Fabspeed pipes, intake, etc.) When downshifting, the Lamborghini grunted, barked, and popped. It was truly a glorious symphony and announced my presence several blocks before I would arrive at my destination.

Sure, the Merc was fast… deceptively so… but, it was also sophisticated and refined. In fact, it was way more refined than any other car I’ve ever owned. The GTS is a remarkable vehicle both stylistically and technologically, but, I felt so disconnected from the overall driving experience.

My wife joked that I had finally upgraded to a “grown-ups” car. Truth be told though, I wished it was rougher. I missed the visceral, “sports car” feel I was so accustomed to. Beyond the remarkable Lamborghini sound, I also missed that “oh sh*t” feeling of my neck nearly snapping due to violently being thrown back against the seat when I dropped the hammer.

I’ve been around high performance cars long enough to recognize that this new whip likely had significant hidden potential lurking within. She simply needed some help to achieve excellence.

Was I up to the task?

Delving into the Mercedes Performance Tuning World

In an effort to educate myself, I joined a several MB message forums and Facebook groups to begin my journey into understanding the Mercedes universe and tuning services. Coming from an incredibly active Lambo and Ferrari world, I was hopeful that Mercedes AMG GTS owners would be equally as helpful and patient with a newbie such as me. Likely due to the “newness” of the GTS, I didn’t find much specific mod info,… however, since it utilized the M178 engine there were definitely some solid suggestions available including a stage 1 or stage 2 tune.

After a few weeks I had outlined a plan to transform my car. My two primary goals were more horsepower… and more loud.

I immediately set about having the secondary cats removed (weight reduction and airflow) and adding high flow air filters and airbox spacers. Supposedly, these mods should be good for 30-40hp.

Short of a full cat-back exhaust, upgraded turbos, or other significant engine work, the biggest impact would likely come from an ECU tune. In previous cars I’ve always done ECU/TCU tunes when possible. Throughout the years, I’ve used many of the major aftermarket tuning companies with varied levels of success. Some were fantastic… and some were simply mediocre at best.

A search of the forums yielded little tangible info, but, tons of personal opinions. Now, opinions are great, but, if I’m going to spend $2k+ for a tune, I want to do my due diligence and ensure that the numbers are there to back up the opinion.

Which Mercedes ECU Tune Company?

Being the incessant Mercedes AMG GTS newb, I posted on one popular message forum asking for opinions regarding the tunes from a few companies which were known to be the heavy hitters in the Mercedes ECU tuning world. From my research, I had narrowed my choice down to two companies: Eurocharged Performance in Houston, Texas, or Pressertech in Atlanta, GA. I simply wanted some input regarding pros and cons of each. At first, there were quite a few helpful replies, but it quickly degraded into a massive non-productive, finger pointing, drama infested mess.

No thanks to the folks on the forum espousing every doom and gloom scenario possible if I were to choose a tune from any company that cost less than a Bugatti payment, I was now significantly scared enough that I said, “screw it” and wrote off Mercedes ECU tuning as a liability.

I continued to enjoy the car, but, secretly pined for better performance. While attending car meets and shows, I often found myself feeling pangs of jealousy when a Porsche, BMW M series, or Lambo pulled in. While my AMG GTS certainly attracted attention, the actual driving experience still felt too civilized and restrained. My wife was right – and I hated it.

Five Star Communication with PRESSERtech

Several months went by, and honestly, I had forgotten about my tuning journey until I received an email from Todd Presser, CTO of Pressertech. He reached out to ask if I had chosen a tune yet and I told him that I had not.

After explaining my artificially induced hesitation, Todd allayed all of my concerns. It turns out that only a few companies actually produce tunes for these cars… which means that most of the base tunes (even from the big-name players) are exactly the same with only minor differences applied by the individual company!

We discussed options and expectations. I was very adamant about my requirements. I wanted to ensure the tune would not only significantly increase horsepower above and beyond the stock 503hp, but also would not negatively affect long-term reliability or usability of the vehicle. Oh… and sound. I wanted more loud.

Todd patiently answered all of questions and assured me that if I wasn’t happy they would do whatever was necessary to satisfy me.

After our nearly hour-long conversation, I decided to pull the trigger on their stage 2 tune (605hp and 625LbFt torque.) With my existing mods that should put my car close to 650hp. I’ll take that.

My ECU was in the mail that afternoon.

From the moment it arrived at Pressertech until it left for its return journey home, Todd continued to update me regularly. In today’s often impersonal, disconnected world, Pressertech’s communication was refreshing and definitely worthy of five stars!

Four days later the ECU was back in my hands. I quickly went about reinstalling it, however, torrential rain relegated the first startup to be in the garage.

Wow. It certainly sounded louder, but, it was in my garage, so, I’m going to chalk that up to simply being my imagination.

The True Test: From Civilized to Downright Brutal Performance

The next day I got up early to take her out for the first proper shakedown cruise.

Pulling out of my neighborhood in eco mode, I felt slightly disappointed as the car didn’t seem to have been magically transformed as I had hoped. In fact, if anything it seemed quieter and even more refined. Ugh. Were the forum guys right? Was this whole experience an exercise in futility? Would I ever get my passion back?

Maybe the car simply needed some time to adapt to the new software?

Then I dropped into Sport+ mode. HOLY HELL! Instantly, the car came alive. I hit the fun pedal and literally could not wipe the grin off my face.

Excitement & Passion of the Mercedes AMG GTS Edition

30 minutes quickly turned into 60, then 90 while cruising around with no destination in mind… Time seemed to completely escape me in my “new” car thanks to the stage 2 tune. I felt that sense of excitement and passion that I thought was long gone.

Upshifts and downshifts were more purposeful and deliberate. The car accelerated like a speeding freight train… pulling harder and harder, faster and faster all the way up to redline. Actually, brutal would be the best way to describe it. Stomp the pedal and you are instantly pitched back in your seat like a limp rag doll.

And the sound. Oh my! The sound emanating from the pipes took on a much more aggressive, deep tone. Granted, this isn’t my daily driver, so, perhaps I simply forgot how awesome it sounded before?


The stage 2 tune definitely changed something – whether fuel or air mapping I can’t say, but, the sound of the car now closely approximates an angry hell beast in full attack mode. At full throttle the sound is absolutely glorious.

As I downshifted and slowed towards an approaching stop light, I instantly heard something else. Something familiar sounding, yet so foreign. The growl, pops and burbles were back! I had resolved to accept the fact that those sweet sounds were forever gone when the transport truck pulled away taking my Lambo with it..


Not only is the AMG GTS edition car significantly faster – whether from a roll or full stop, the sound is noticeably more sports car like. I finally knew that I had made the right decision in trading for the AMG GTS Edition.

A Stage 2 Tune Transformation from “Grown Up” to “Maniacal Demon”

While I don’t believe in sorcery or black magic, whatever wizardry or pixie dust Todd and Pressertech have up their sleeves are simply amazing. This thing is an absolute beast now thanks to them and the stage 2 tune. There are so many appropriate words that now describe my AMG GTS edition car: mystical, supernatural, ethereal, wonderful… but I think EPIC would be the best.

To say I am pleasantly surprised would be the biggest understatement of the year. Not only did the Pressertech stage 2 tune wake up the vehicle, but, it literally transformed my “grown up” car into a maniacal demon via a AMG GTS Edition model at full boil. Mercedes – if you are listening, this is absolutely how the car should have come from the factory. The AMG GTS Edition is an awesome vehicle with a lot of potential and sometimes I wish Mercedes would try to push their limits.

If you are interested in upping your game and taking your car to the next level whether it be a AMG GTS Edition, you absolutely owe it to yourself to check out Pressertech and the stage 2 tune. We don’t just specialize in amg gts edition vehicles, we specialize in every type of car.

“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” – Ferdinand Porsche

Contact Pressertech when it’s your time to Tune your Mercedes

Whenever your ready to tune your Mercedes whether it be a Mercedes AMG GTS Edition or a E550 with the M278 Engine or whatever Mercedes you have, call the professional tuners at Pressertech. If its either a stage 1 or a stage 2 tune we will take care of you. You can reach us by phone at 770-648-0500 or simply use our contact us page and drop us an email. Our tunes may be a Maniacal Demon, but we’re not!

Mercedes GL450 Performance Tune Upgrade

Mercedes GL450 Performance Tune Upgrade

Mercedes GL450 Overview

The Mercedes GL450 is another SUV in Mercedes vehicle lineup that offers a great value for the stock specs and price it is offered at. This SUV is a great combination of luxury and comfort while being big enough to be a family vehicle as well. Although it’s not the GL550 we wrote about in this blog, similarly GL450 has the same engine so GL450 owners can reach the same potential that the GL550 produces. This Mercedes is on par or better than all of its competition, however in terms of towing capabilities is does fall short. Another blog post by us details a GL550 tune as well!

Drivers and Passengers Alike are Kept in Mind

What makes Mercedes different than other car manufactures is that they really put value into the passengers. In a US News article, “The Mercedes GL-Class seats seven comfortably. Its standard heated front seats offer long-haul support, and are available with massage and cooling functions. The GL’s second and third rows have generous head- and legroom and can accommodate adults comfortably. The second-row seats recline, and they flip forward for easy access to the third row. Both rows fold flat, boosting cargo space from 16 to 93.8 cubic feet.”

Another article by Car and Driver also mentions how impressive this vehicles stock specs are. “Powertrain performance was never a concern. The 5855-pound GL450 got to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds at the beginning of its stay with us. It dropped an insignificant tenth of a second to 5.8 seconds after 40,000 miles. The quarter-mile remained a steady 14.4 seconds from beginning to end. That’s as quick or quicker than is necessary, strictly speaking, for such a vehicle. Never once did any complaint about the seven-speed automatic make it to the logbook. It swapped gears smoothly and eagerly enough. Braking performance was good, too, considering the weight of the thing. It posted a 70-to-0-mph stop of 179 feet on its first test and improved by 10 feet on its final one.” It is obvious that Mercedes went above and beyond in the GL450 to accommodate its owners.

Stock Specs for the Mercedes GL450

This vehicle comes with a turbocharged 8-cylinder engine that runs at 362 Horsepower with a torque at 406LBS-FT. The fuel economy is at 14 miles per gallon in the city with 26 miles per gallon highway. It is well known how Mercedes engines are top of the line and this vehicle is no different. The GL450 has been rated as a top performer in engine longevity.

Tuning the M278 Engine

If the customer is lucky enough to have a Mercedes GL450, not only can they reach the same Horsepower and Torque numbers as the GL550 Model, in addition they can also take advantage of the Stage 1 and 2 tunes offered by PRESSERTech to bring it all the way up to the same power level as the GL550 Tunes.

Tune Capabilities

When we are looking at a Stage 1 tune, you can expect your GL450 horsepower to skyrocket to 510 Horsepower. To go along with this, the Stage 1 tune will also inflate the vehicles torque to 590LBS-FT as well. Our stage 1 tune is an affordable option for many Mercedes owners looking to upgrade their vehicles capabilities.

In addition, for the drivers who are seeking a truly exciting performance package, our Stage 2, Full Power Tune is what you are looking for. In the case of a Stage 2 full power tune, we can heighten your GL450’s horsepower to 540 Horsepower and 705LBS-FT Torque!

We’re Here for You

At PRESSERTech we take great pride in servicing our customers. Therefor, we will do whatever it takes to expand your vehicles performance. Our garage has many years of experience and we rarely find something that we haven’t seen before. Performance Tuning a Mercedes GL450, is an affordable way to make a potential huge improvement in your vehicle’s horsepower and torque. At PRESSERTech, we offer affordable tune packages to increase your performance of your vehicle, new or old. If you’re thinking about a performance tune, give us a call at (770) 648-0500 or use our Contact Form. We’re happy to chat with you about what a performance tune can do for your vehicle.

Mercedes GL550: Performance Tuning the M278 Engine

Mercedes GL550: Performance Tuning the M278 Engine

GL550 Overview

The Mercedes GL550 is a full-size luxury SUV that offers excellent comfort as well as exceptional performance. Most of these models come from the USA, specifically the Mercedes manufacturing plant in Alabama. Since it’s very first year of inception, 2006, the GL550 has been put through a multitude of different tests and environments to better equip future models. Today, we have a reliable vehicle with a lot of potential under the hood if desired by the driver! Read on to learn more about our process of tuning the GL550 to help it realize its full potential! Another blog post by us details a GL450 tune as well!

Stock Mercedes GL550 Specs

The Mercedes GL550 has a M278 engine that we have mentioned in previous posts on our site. Like we mentioned before, we realized the M278’s potential right away! The M278 is a V8 Twin Turbo Charged Engine. The engine model before it, the M273, was naturally aspirated, the M278 features twin turbochargers, one per cylinder bank and gasoline direct injection with multi spark ignition. The M278 engine is much more fuel efficient that the M273 engine it replaces. The M278 engine for the GL550 has a horsepower right at 429, while the torque is at 516. These figures are respectable for a stock SUV of this size.

Something to note about this Mercedes is its length. Mercedes upsized the GL-class slightly for 2013 and beyond, increasing the length to 202.6 inches from 200.7, width to 78.0 from 75.4, and height to 72.8 from 72.4. Car and Driver also made a great point about why this Mercedes is unlike any other vehicle on the market, “Although Audi’s seven-seat Q7 and BMW’s X5 cost tens of thousands dollars less than the big Mercedes, they don’t offer the same passenger or cargo room”. This is especially important when thinking about why SUV’s are typically purchased. SUV’s serve a purpose of being able to transport a group of people. When the Mercedes GL500 offers superb passenger and cargo room, this is what differentiates the vehicle right off the bat.

Tuning the M278 Engine

At PRESSERTech we take great pride in servicing our customers. We will do whatever it takes to expand your vehicles performance. Our garage has a group of people that have years of experience, therefor there is not too much we haven’t seen or dealt with. When we are looking at a Stage 1 tune, you can expect your Mercedes GL550 horsepower to skyrocket to the 510 Horsepower. To go along with this, the Stage 1 tune will also inflate the vehicles torque to the 590 LBS-FT as well. Our stage 1 tune is an affordable option for many car owners looking to take that initial step of expanding their vehicles capabilities.

For the drivers who are seeking a truly exceptional performance package, our Stage 2, Full Power Tune is what you are looking for. In the case of a Stage 2 full power tune, we can heighten your Mercedes GL550’s horsepower to the 540 Horsepower and a staggering 705LBS-FT of torque! This package is very popular with our customers. Not only does it unleash your cars full potential, but it also at an exceptional price unlike most Mercedes dealers.

Something to Think About

These numbers explain why we love tuning these cars. Now you know Mercedes left so much power on the table with this vehicle. We can help you enjoy the true capabilities of a tuned Mercedes at a reasonable cost.

Future Inquires

Our performance tuning guide has more information about what we do here at Pressertech. We also encourage you to give us a call at (770) 648-0500 or use our Contact Form. We’re happy to chat with you about what a performance tune can do for your vehicle. Call us now.

Performance Tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG Max Power

Performance Tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG Max Power

Background on the Mercedes S55 AMG V8 Kompressor

When looking at the Mercedes S55 AMG with a 5.4 Liter V8 supercharged engine, this car is older, but still packs a punch. We have worked on similar vehicles like this one, a 2003 SL55 model. But when looking at stock numbers, the S55 AMG was running at 493 horsepower and 516 LBS-FT torque. This car is great but we specialize in maximizing a cars potential. Our passion is to Performance Tune cars to reach their full potential so we started performance tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG. Over the past 20 years, cars have been getting more complex not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. We have adapted as the car industry has around us and we have done some great work!

S55 AMG Tune Specs

When we talk to our clients about Performance Tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG or any other model like the Mercedes SL55 AMG tune we did, we speak in terms of stages. The anticipated results of a Stage 1 tune with this vehicle was 530 horsepower and 565 LBS-FT torque. A Stage 2 tune would bring the vehicle’s performance up to around 535 horsepower and an impressive 605 LBS-FT torque. While this S55 AMG would see an overall upgrade, our shop at PRESSERTech was most excited about what we’d be able to do in terms of the torque upgrade.

With a Stage 2 tune in our plans, we got to work in the PRESSERtech garage. When our experienced technician’s tune, they target a small, but vital piece of technology under the car’s hood. This piece of technology is referred to as the engine control unit or ECU in shorter terms. If you’ve read some of our other blog posts or watched some of our videos, you know that this process is complex. We remove the ECU and use our in-house technology to modify its settings. In this case, breaking a Mercedes S55 AMG from its factory specs. With this stage 2 tune underway, we would be able to see what this car could really do.

Performance Tune Results

After Stage 2 of performance tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG, it was evident that our excitement beforehand was well warranted. We saw gains all around, including an increase of 42 more horsepower and 87 more LBS-FT of torque. That’s a 16% increase in torque for this Mercedes Benz, and we couldn’t be happier to share these results with our client. As car and driver said, “The Mercedes S55 AMG will just flat dust anything from the BMW 7-series portfolio”

Our Service

Performance Tuning a Mercedes S55, or even fixing up a CL55 AMG V8 like we outlined in this article, is an affordable way to make a potential huge improvement in your vehicle’s horsepower and torque. At PRESSERTech, we offer an affordable tune to increase your performance of your vehicle, new or old. If you’re thinking about a performance tune, give us a call at (770) 648-0500 or use our Contact Form. We’re happy to chat with you about what a performance tune can do for your vehicle.