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20% Off Tunes for Labor Day! Plus 11 Summer Hits from the PRESSERtech Garage

20% Off Tunes for Labor Day! Plus 11 Summer Hits from the PRESSERtech Garage

20% Off Tunes for Labor Day! Plus 11 Summer Hits from the PRESSERtech Garage

Where did summer even go? While it seemed to fly by for us at PRESSERtech, we also had some great moments. We thought we’d recap some of our highlights that you may have missed. But the summer isn’t quite over, and as we roll into Labor Day weekend, we wanted to let you know of one you haven’t missed — 20% tunes completed through September 12, 2017 (cannot be applied to already completed work and no rainchecks please). If you’ve been thinking about getting a tune, now is the time. Just give us a call at (770) 648-0500 and we’ll get you set up.

Now to some of our summer hits:
  1. Happy customers: “[They] did a fantastic job on my CLS 55… took it 550hp and 617fb of torque let me tell you, you better hold onto the wheel when you hit the pedal, this thing pulls like a mad beast and doesn’t stop pulling until you release the throttle it’s just unbelievable.”
  2. We caught this CLA250 tune on video, featuring a special song from local artist DJ Turton and BurtonM6.
  3. PRESSERtech moved! We can’t wait to show off our new space, and now we have a comfy waiting room for where you can relax while your car’s getting tuned.
  4. We found a permanent fix for those pesky faulty electronic steering locks. And it doesn’t involve spending thousands of dollars at your local dealership.
  5. More reviews: “Just had my V8 bi-turbo E550 Coupe tuned (M278, Stage II), and I’m very happy with the results and the customer service… And the most important part, the car has been completely transformed in the best possible way. Huge horsepower increase, and gobs of torque. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.”
  6. We tuned one of our favorite cars, the SL55 AMG, with a 5.4 Liter V8 supercharged engine, to 530 horsepower and 604 LBS-FT torque. It’s a car that’s nearly perfect. (Ok, we’re biased.)
  7. Some of the top questions about Mercedes performance tuning were answered on our blog.
  8. We’ve been having some fun on our social media — check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  9. We tuned a CLS63 AMG to a whooping 665 horsepower. We promise this is not a fishing story.
  10. “I have had my tune now for 2 months and I am amazed by the performance of my s600 v12 tt, the throttle response, the ridiculous power to speed is just exhilarating.” Even more reviews can be seen on our Facebook page.
  11. Did we mention we’re offering 20% off for Labor Day? It won’t last, so please give us call if you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer.
Getting in touch with us:

At PRESSERtech, we have nearly 30 years experience working on, and tuning Mercedes Benz vehicles. Mercedes tuning is a delicate and complex process, so when choosing your technician, make sure they have the experience to back it up. If you’d like to chat with us to learn more you can call us at (770) 648-0500 or email Service@PRESSERtech.com. Find our shop on our Contact Us page.

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PRESSERtech ECU Tune SL Owners Meeting

PRESSERtech ECU Tune SL Owners Meeting

We had a great day today at PRESSERtech. Two of our recent SL AMG customers stopped by at our little BBQ and we were able to compare notes on their two cars. The first, a gorgeous black SL65 AMG and the second, an equally gorgeous SL55 AMG. We talked about the performance upgrades and what they liked and didn’t like about the tunes. The resounding conclusion was that they just loved the new feel of their cars. Both were quick to tell us that there was an improvement in fuel consumption and both were recording an approximate 7-8% +/- increase.

Although the cars look the same, the tunes are totally different. The Bi-Turbo really takes some work but the single turbo SL55 is much easier. Both are tuned to bring out the best in each. These cars with a few years on them may look old on paper but they have a lot of life and excitement left in them. If you ask these owners, they’ll talk about their old SL and their new SL after PRESSERtech’s Performance Perfect tune. It always amazes us when we do these events. The owners talk about their cars in a whole new light. Gone are the days of “I have an AMG”, now its more of “can I tell you about my newly tuned car”. Certainly fun times for us at any PRESSERtech event.

These are mature men but It’s hard to explain how that’s possible when we watched them drive away. All we can say is enjoy. We’ll see you both at our next event.

Atlanta’s Caffeine & Octane

What a fantastic time it was at the Caffeine & Octane Car show in May 2016! We had a great time and spoke to some really interesting people. Some of the cars were just out of this world. We love these types of gatherings where real enthusiasts can meet and talk cars… We had a great time and can’t wait until the next one. Perhaps we should think about PRESSERtech ECU Tuned Vehicles to show at one of their upcoming events? Let us know your thoughts and we’ll make it happen.