Faulty Mercedes EIS ESL Key Replacement Electronic Ignition Switch Replacement

Do you have a Faulty Mercedes EIS ESL? The Mercedes EIS ESL Electronic Ignition Switch and Electronic Steering Lock system exists to make sure your car isn’t stolen. Your key has a sequential code, unique to your vehicle, and when inserted into the ignition, your car runs a series of tests, to make sure it’s the right key. Three control units (EIS, ESL and ECU) must all agree the key is correct before the “Turn and Start” function is authorized. If the key and the EIS don’t match up, “Turn and Start” is deactivated. Thieves foiled. Great in theory, right? But, a faulty Mercedes electronic ignition switch wills top you in your tracks.

Issues You May Experience with the Mercedes EIS ESL Electronic Ignition Switch and Electronic Steering Lock

You might be at the end of your rope wondering why your car won’t start. Some common issues that you may experience due to a faulty Mercedes EIS or ESL:

  • Car won’t start
  • Can’t turn key in the electronic ignition switch eis
  • Can turn key, car won’t start
  • Car won’t start when cold
When the Mercedes Electronic Ignition Switch EIS Goes wrong 

Faulty Mercedes EIS ESL? Mercedes Electronic Ignition Switch EIS ESL system falters, “Turn and Start” will deactivate and you won’t be able to start your car. It’s your car’s security system doing its job, but not because of a mismatched key, because of a communication breakdown in one of the control units. Unfortunately, the EIS can go bad because of some common problems, and your dealer may tell you the only option is a costly ESL replacement.

Some of the common reasons an EIS might falter:
  • A power surge
  • Low battery
  • Performing a jump while the key is inserted
  • Electronic Steering Lock ESL Fails or locks in place
Does My Mercedes Model Have an EIS?

Do you have a Faulty Mercedes EIS ESL? We have found that this is a widespread issue, and it is causing frustration for many Mercedes drivers. Any of the following Mercedes chassis will likely have an EIS: W164W204W209W211W212C215W219W220W221R230.

Repairing the EIS, Replacing the ESL

We can test and repair your Faulty Mercedes EIS ESL and return it so you can simply plug and play. As for the Electronic Steering Lock or ESL, we can provide a permanent replacement that you only need to do once. We’ll replace the steering lock with an emulator. It bolts into the exact location as the lock. The car now thinks it has a steering lock because it is programmed the same as a regular steering lock. No more problems, ever!

Sending Us Your ESL Mercedes electronic ignition

If you’re not within close driving distance to our garage, you can send us your ESL. We’d recommend you have your local mechanic to get your steering lock removed. Many times a mechanic will have to cut out the lock when locked in place. 

New Keys for your Mercedes-Benz

When we’re repairing your steering lock, don’t forget to ask us about additional keys. We can provide brand new keys fully programmed to your vehicle. You will be happy knowing that they are a fraction of the cost of the dealer.

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