2018 Mercedes C63s AMG Staggering Stage 1 Tune and Stage 2 Tune Results

Mercedes C63s AMG: As we look towards the Christmas holiday, we’re thankful for time with our family and friends. We’re also thankful for the opportunity to get to do the work that we’re passionate about… Performance tuning Mercedes, Audi and BMW vehicles. We recently got to tune a 2018 Mercedes Benz C63s AMG. It’s a car that was once described as “an iron fist in an iron glove, it’s just brutal.” Not only did we see this brutal power with the Stage 1 Tune, we saw the staggering upgrade with the Stage 2 Tune.

AMG Means Serious Business

For a bit of trivia, AMG stands for the names of the founders and the town where they first set up shop: Aufrecht Melcher Großapach. AMG is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It’s also their 18th year as a Mercedes Benz subsidiary. Their mission is to elevate the performance of Mercedes vehicles, and we’re always excited to take that mindset a step further.

Mercedes C63s AMG Stock Specs

The Mercedes C63s AMG has M177 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine, similar to the AMG GT sports car. It jumps off the line, charging from 0 to 60 in 4.0 seconds. At stock, this car performs at 503 horsepower and 516 LBS-FT torque. We couldn’t wait to see what kind of power could be unlocked for this car when we gave it a Stage 1 tune and then a Stage 2 Tune.

Mercedes C63s AMG Stage 1, Stage 2 Tunes

For this C63s AMG, a Stage 1 Tune would up performance to 570 horsepower and 600 LBS-FT torque. Further, a Stage 2 Tune would really make our eyeballs pop out of our heads, with an anticipated 600 horsepower and 660 LBS-FT torque.

The Mercedes C63s AMG Stage 1 Tune and Stage 2 Tune Process

In fact, when our expert technicians’ tune, they target a critical piece of technology under the car’s hood. That’s the engine control unit or ECU. Tuning is a complex process and the ECU needs to be handled with care. When we removed the Mercedes C63s ECU, we used our in-house technology to modify its settings, unlocking this vehicle’s potential. Watch Todd at work on this C63 S in this YouTube video.

Of course, that’s one of the reasons we love Mercedes is that we can do a Stage 2 Tune without having to replace any stock components and still be able to pull off some crazy performance numbers. This is because Mercedes already uses such great components and their cooling systems are on point. We have a really solid foundation to work from.

Mercedes C63s AMG Performance Results

Moreover, when we tune a Mercedes, we see better throttle response, increased efficiency through all loads and gains all around. For this Mercedes C63s, this included a boost of 97 more horsepower and 144 more LBS-FT torque. That’s a 19% increase in horsepower and a 27% increase in torque. It’s incredible to see what kind of performance upgrade can be achieved simply through tweaks to a car’s ECU, without making other expensive aftermarket upgrades.

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