Mercedes ECM Replacement Mercedes ECU Repair Mercedes ME

Are you a repair facility and in need of a Mercedes ECM Replacement or Mercedes ECU Repair? You’ve come to the right place. Mercedes ECU Repair or Mercedes ECM Replacement is what we do. The Mercedes ECM is many times repairable or we can provide a Replacement Mercedes ECU or Mercedes ECU Repair. Replacement Mercedes ME replacements are available. ME2.0, ME2.1, ME2.7, ME2.71, ME2.8, ME2.8.1, ME9.7, MED17’s are all available and in stock for immediate delivery. Available in Virgin or Fully Programmed.

Mercedes ECM Replacement – Virgin ECU

We received a call on Wednesday from a local repair shop. The call was a normal one and went something like this; “Hi, this is Sam. We have a Mercedes SL550 and the Mercedes ECU has failed. We need a Mercedes ECM Replacement. After checking with Mercedes and they want $3000 plus for a new one. Can you help?” The answer was simple, “of course we can”. After a few calls back and forth, we arranged to meet at the customer’s repair shop. It was a surprise how big it was. On arrival the car was already in the bay and we went through our cursory checks. After hooking the car up to Star/Xentry, the Mercedes-Benz software, we confirmed that the car did in fact have a faulty Mercedes ECU. No problem we said.

The Mercedes Replacement ECU Process

After we removed the old Mercedes ECU which is an extremely easy process of unplugging the harnesses and then replaced the Mercedes ECM with Pressertech’s Virgin Mercedes ECU. This is our Mercedes ECM Replacement. After a couple more minutes of marrying the ECU to the vehicle (doing an offline activation on Star), we were ready to do final diagnostics. We hit the keyless-go button and voila! The car started and was ready to go. The price? Well that was the best part for the dealer. The customer was thrilled with the $850 for the Virgin Mercedes ECU.

After we left his shop soon after but received a call a couple of days later. He and hi is customer were thrilled with the service and the savings and he then told us that his customer was interested in the Pressertech Performance Mercedes ECU tune. We gave him the price and he conferred with his customer and we had the go ahead. As a matter of fact, since we had the old ECU core and was able to read the DAS, we were able to pre-program another Mercedes ECU, complete with the Mercedes Tune and deliver it overnight. After quick swap and needless to say, the dealer was thrilled and the customer thinks his new car is out of this world.

Mercedes ME’s are not that difficult

In a nutshell, we like to make things easy for our customer. Of course we do, whether a repair shop, a local consumer or someone that wants to do this over the phone. We make the whole process easy from end to end. Each our Mercedes ECU Replacement or Mercedes ECU repair work is covered by our end to end warranty. Pressertech’s Mercedes ECM Replacement, Performance Perfect attitude and our commitment to service makes all the difference. So don’t hesitate to call us at 770-648-0500 or send us an email on our website contact us page. We’re here to help.