About our Mercedes Performance Tune Mercedes ECU Tune

In this blog post we’ll explore how to Tune Mercedes. Our Mercedes Performance Tune or as we like to call it, Performance Perfect Mercedes ECU tune. How we’re able to offer the Mercedes performance upgrades that we do and more importantly, how they actually work. Lets explore how a Mercedes-Benz is tuned from the factory. What considerations we take into account when we’re tuning the only Mercedes that matters, yours!

What is a Mercedes ECU

So what is the Mercedes ECU? The Mercedes ECU is the Electronic Control Unit and it’s an embedded system that controls your engine. These are complex systems that provide instructions for various electrical systems. It instructs them on what to do and how to operate. Your ECU processes information from your input sensors and in turn governs your vehicles various systems. Optimum Settings are written to Mercedes ECU’s. They’re what the factory considers to be the optimum settings based on anywhere they land. It takes an expert to Tune Mercedes and cheap usually means inferior.

Mercedes ECU Factory Flash

So let’s understand the factory flash. Each and every Mercedes-Benz model ships from the factory with the same Mercedes ECU programming specific to the model and if you and your car commute regularly from Florida to Nepal, this is probably a good thing. ECU’s from Mercedes have a stock flash (the name we give to the stock programming). In addition, they account for a broad set of parameters. Therefor taking into consideration the are the environments where Mercedes-Benz vehicles are operated. Also, parameters such as poor air quality, poor fuel and altitude are taken into account. Fortunately, in Most of the Americas and Europe, these are not considerations. Our Performance Perfect Mercedes ECU tune takes full advantage of the upgrade potential.

How to Tune Your Mercedes Performance Tune

Performance Perfect Mercedes ECU Tune at Pressertech do many things for your Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, remapping your Mercedes ECU we can increase things such as boost pressure. We change your spark advance timing and calibrate a new torque curve. We increase the air to fuel ratios. Rev limits and remove the speed limit that governs just how fast you can go. Consequently, remapping these and many other parameters, we unleash the potential of your engine. Not to mention, while keeping it all within safe limits that each engine is more than capable of performing at.

New Life with Mercedes ECU Tune

Equally important, your Performance Perfect Mercedes ECU tune will breathe new life into your Mercedes. Our professionals Tune Mercedes every day. As a result it will be faster, more responsive and in most cases, more fuel efficient. Not to mention, it will in effect pays for itself over time. More importantly, it will truly become your Mercedes-Benz.

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