Mercedes ECU Tuning of the S550 – Making the “Best Car in the World” Even Better  

The S-Class is the flagship of Mercedes Benz sedans, also known as the “best car in the world.” Today we’re taking a look under the hood of a 2012 S550 V8 bi-turbo. This is a refined luxury car that still can let its hair down every once in a while. And it’s absolutely a modern classic. At stock, this car runs at 429 horsepower and 516 LBS-FT torque. The S550 has a seven-speed transmission and a top speed of 130 mph. It can go zero to 60 in 4.9 seconds.

The S-Class designation for top-of-the-line Mercedes models was officially introduced in 1972 with the W116. S-Class. Originally stood for sonderklasse, which means “special class” in German. Following this tradition. The S550, like the S600 of before, is truly a special car, but we can give it a boost, and make it run even better.

Performing the Mercedes ECU Tuning, a stage 1 tune would bring this S550’s performance to 500 horsepower and 590 LBS-FT torque. That”s a 16% increase in horsepower and a 14% increase in torque. Our goal was to optimize this vehicle’s engine for improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Our Mercedes ECU tunes are tested and developed on a MAHA dynamometer. A dynamometer is a device that measures force, torque and power. When we tune, we’re looking for the best possible performance and results, within the original safety margins of the specific model. Each tune is optimized for your car and guaranteed for life.

How we perform Mercedes ECU Tuning

So what magic is happening in the shop to make this all possible? The Mercedes ECU Tuning process is complex. It all comes down to your ECU, or electronic control unit. When tuning the S550, we carefully removed the ECU, ran diagnostics and then modified the tuning file to provide more power and torque. In the last decade or so, cars have gotten more complicated and so much is controlled by the ECU. These days, you can really make a difference in your Mercedes performance with a tune, rather than expensive upgrades.

Your engine is already capable of better performance, we just need to set it free. Modifying the tuning file on your ECU is a delicate process, and you really want an expert to take on this task. We have over 30 years working on Mercedes Benz vehicles, so know that you are in good hands.

For this S550, the increase in horsepower and torque led to smoother acceleration and improved throttle response. Furthermore, the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency. By optimizing the torque curve, this vehicle is able to produce more torque at lower RPM’s. This allowing the driver to change gears earlier. To put it simply: the engine runs more efficiently, at lower revs.

In Conclusion

We work with all types of Mercedes vehicles, so check out our Select Tune page to find your car, or just give us a call. We’re more than happy to chat with you about the options for your car. Every tune is 100% customized and specific to your vehicle.

And if you want more power and want to ramp it up to 11, talk to us about our stage 2 tunes.