Mercedes Performance Tune for Sporty 2013 Mercedes C-Class 250 CGI W204 Chassis

Are you wondering what upgrades could make a big difference on the performance of your Mercedes Benz? You might consider a Mercedes performance tune. At PRESSERtech, we’ve tuned a variety of models, including this 2013 C250 with charged gasoline injection. Here’s how we increased this vehicle’s horsepower by 19% and the torque by 28%.

The C250 was once described as “an appropriate mix of sportiness, luxury, and class.” As an entry level compact luxury vehicle, it puts up performance and fuel efficiency numbers that are not too shabby, but can definitely be improved by a Mercedes performance tune.

A base C250 model has a turbo-charged, direct-injected 1.8L four-cylinder engine, with 201 horsepower and 229 LBS-FT torque. It’s a fuel efficient and quick car that hits 60mph in 7.1 seconds. The C250 clocks in at 21 mpg for city and 31 mpg for highway.

Mercedes Tuning

When we talk to Mercedes drivers about their cars, we’re always interested to hear about their specific needs. Our Mercedes performance tunes are completely customized to each driver, so no performance tune will look exactly the same. We can promise better throttle response and increased efficiency through all loads, by optimizing engine software. But the tune should really be about you. We can offer different Stages of tunes, depending on how you’re using your vehicle, from real world tasks like every day errands, to a weekend trips out to the track.

For this car, we performed a Stage 1 tune, which would move the needle on performance to 240 horsepower and 295 LBS-FT torque. In order to make these performance upgrades on the C250, one of our tuning specialists made adjustments to the vehicle’s electronic control until. It’s also called an ME in the trade. This procedure started with the careful removal of the ECU. We then ran diagnostics with special programming tools. Finally, our technician built the tune. The base files are developed and tested on a MAHA dynamometer for the best possible performance and results.

The ECU is the key to your car’s performance. By adjusting the ECU we can make a noticeable difference without expensive upgrades. And while you can always add upgrades to your vehicle later, it’s worth trying an ECU tune first. It definitely offers the best bang for your buck.

End Results from Tune

Once the tune was finalized, it was time for the big reveal. We were happy to report that the C250 had a 19% increase in horsepower and a 28% increase in torque. For the majority of the Mercedes we’ve tuned, we see a reduction in fuel consumption, smoother acceleration and much improved throttle response. Optimizing the torque curve of this C250’s engine produces more torque at lower RPM’s, allowing the driver to change gear earlier. The end result is an engine that just runs better.

Visit our Select Tune page to see more Mercedes performance tuning examples like the C230 or C300. You can also give us a call and talk to one of our tuning specialists. We love Mercedes and it shows. In our service, our products, and our pricing, we’ll make you a customer for life.