Birthday Gift to Remember

Recently we received a call from a lovely lady by the name Jessica and it turned out that she wanted to do something special for her husband’s birthday dealing with his Mercedes S550. He was away on business and she planned on meeting him at the airport upon his return. The request was quite simple, can we tune his Mercedes S550 ECU between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday? She wanted it to be ready when she picked her husband up at 1PM on Friday.

Performance Perfect ECU Tune

We know how competitive tuning Mercedes can be, so at PRESSERtech the answer is always yes! We arranged for her to drop it off at our shop and we would drive her back home. It occurred to us that Jessica had not asked about our Performance Perfect ECU Tune. When she arrived, we wanted to let her know what she and her husband could expect. We started to tell her what the factory specifications were. Jessica told us she “Doesn’t really get into cars”. Our next question was why she had decided to do this? She replied that her husband had a friend who had a 2012 S550 BITURBO and had a stage one tune. She also mentioned he often talks to her husband about the merits of the tune and that her husband had said that he wanted to have his car, a 2013 Mercedes S550 BITURBO tuned.

Quality Work

We went to work on the Mercedes S550 that afternoon and pulled the ECU. After pulling the ECU, we do our customary checks and then copy the original file to our redundant backup server. Once that original file is saved, we create another copy and this is where we do all of our mapping work. While this is a very complicated thing to do, our tuners are real professionals and we’ve seen most models already. Anyone who says they can tune your car in an hour is probably not the shop you need. Not only do we use specialized software but the experienced human element is essential. All Mercedes tuning companies should have these tools.

Vehicle Performance Gains

By Thursday afternoon, all the work was done and it was time for a test drive! Did I mention this was our favorite part? Well, true to form the car went from your father’s Mercedes-Benz to a stallion waiting to go. No-one could accuse the S550 BITURBO of being a slouch but the tune made all the difference in the world. The anticipated gains of 100-200 HP; 120-140 LB-FT are quite impressive when the stock model puts out a not too shabby 429HP @ 5250 RPM; 516 LB-FT @ 1800 RPM.

Jessica arrived promptly at 9AM on Friday morning and picked up the car. We started to go through the changes she would see and she asked “remember what I told you?” We did, but we hoped her husband would love the vehicle and that he would appreciate what she had done for him.

Mercedes Owner Feedback

On Tuesday we had a call from David, “Can we help you sir?” The reply was, “what the hell have you done to my car?” After a moment of silence, David joked and introduced himself. Apparently, his wife Jessica had picked him up at the airport on Friday afternoon and she got into the back of the car while David took the wheel and his colleague sat in the front seat. She said he really didn’t notice that things had changed until he merged onto the freeway. The story went on and David asked Jessica, “what gas have you put in here?” Jessica then wished him a happy birthday and explained what she’d done. Judging from David’s phone call that Tuesday, we think David was thrilled with his new ride and ultimately, we’re thrilled with another happy PRESSERtech customer.

Helping Hand

So the moral of this story is when you are looking for a Mercedes S550 or any other Mercedes model, tuning is a great idea for the ladies out there looking for something unique for their husbands and boyfriends. And we’re here to help! Give us a call, facebook messege or drop us an email, it really is that simple.Feel free to use our contact us page as well!

One last comment for Jessica. We can’t thank you enough for putting your trust in the crew here at PRESSERtech. We’ll still be here in a few years when David decides to upgrade.