Mercedes Tuning of a 2013 CLS550 Coupe 4.7 Liter Twin Turbo W218

Like They Say, We’re Here for the Best or Nothing: Tuning the CLS550. When the Vision CLS concept car dropped at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2003, it was “a coupe generation ahead of the rest.” The CLS rolled out for the first time in 2005, marking a return to the executive-size coupe market for Mercedes Benz. Today we’re looking at how a Mercedes tuning performance tune can enhance this second generation 2013 model with the W218 Chassis.

At stock, this car already has impressive stats. It’s powered by a 4.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8, with 402 horsepower and 443 LBS-FT torque. As a mid-size luxury 4-door coupe, it zips up from 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds. It’s even got an analog clock on the dashboard, adding some old school class. Certainly AutoTrader summed it up best by calling it “an unprecedented combination of style, sophistication and strength.”

Now to the fun part – seeing how our Mercedes tuning can light a new fire in this 2013 model. As car technology becomes more complex, we can make a big difference to engine performance without expensive upgrades. So much of your car’s performance is being controlled by its engine management software. As Mercedes Tuners, when we talk about our tunes, we talk about them in terms of stages. A stage 1 tune would upgrade this CLS550 to 510 horsepower and 605 LBS-FT torque. That’s 26% more horsepower and 36% more torque, which is really quite amazing. (We have Stage 2 tune options as well for even more power. Just reach out to us for more details.)

Now for the fun part of Mercedes Tuning this CLS550 with the Twin Turbo W218

To amp up this CLS550, we brought it into our shop and modified its ECU, ECM also referred to as a ME (your electronic control unit). Our base Mercedes tunes are tested and developed on a MAHA dynamometer. We always follow the original safety margins of the specific model we’re tuning (read: the opposite of this). You also have the option to upgrade to the ECU+ package and keep your old ECU with the stock tune.

After carefully removing the CLS55’s ECU, we analyzed and adjusted the engine management software. This engine software is largely responsible for the vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption. We tailored the programming to provide more power and torque, which led to smoother acceleration and improved throttle response.

In Conclusion

This 2013 CLS550 is now energized and ready to hit the pavement with 102 more horsepower and 162 more LBS-FT torque. The owner will also see an added benefit of improved fuel efficiency. At PRESSERtech, we’ve spent nearly 30 years working on Mercedes Benz vehicles. We also have a variety of other services. If you’ve got a bad ECU, we can fix it with a Plug and Play M.E., or we can pair a Virgin ECU with your vehicle. You can learn more about our services on our About Us page.

Each Mercedes tune we perform is optimized for your individual car and guaranteed for life. Check out our Select Tune page to find your model, or just give us a call. We’re always ready to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Every Mercedes tune is unique to you.