Introduction to the Mercedes M278 Engine

When Mercedes Benz introduced the M278 we realized immediately it’s potential. The M278 is a V8 Twin Turbo Charged Engine. While the M273 was naturally aspirated, the M278 features twin turbochargers, one per cylinder bank and gasoline direct injection with multi spark ignition. The M278 engine is much more fuel efficient that the M273 engine it replaces.

Introduced in 2011, it became the standard engine on that years Mercedes-Benz S550, Mercedes-Benz CL550 and the Mercedes-Benz CLS550. It was followed in 2012 & 2013 with the addition of the Mercedes-Benz SL550, Mercedes-Benz E550 and the Mercedes-Benz GL550.

Mercedes M278 Engine Tune Uses

The engine itself is a real monster but its capable of so much more. The obvious question is, if it is capable of so much more then why didn’t Mercedes tune it that way? While I’m sure there are many different reasons that Mercedes decided to tune it this way, one of them is obvious. Mercedes top of the line S63 AMG, CL63 AMG, CLS63 AMG and the E63 AMG are their flagship vehicles. They are obviously not going to be in competition with themselves and devalue their AMG brand which carries the variant engine namely the M157 and carries a hefty premium.

Tuning a Mercedes: Engine Specs

What does this mean for Mercedes tuning we ask? Quite simply a lot! The stock power is for these models is approximately 402HP and 443LB-Ft Torque. These numbers will differ slightly between models but we’ll use these numbers as an example. A Stage 1 Intermediate Tune will increase these numbers to approximately 510HP and 590LB-FT Torque. It’s a huge difference and almost equals the E63 AMG’s Horsepower of 550HP and exceeds its Torque of 531LB-FT. That’s not all of what these cars are capable of while keeping the car’s stock components. A Stage 2 Tune can exceed all the 63 AMG’s power and torque giving you a beast at approximately 540HP and 700LB-FT Torque. This is an incredible increase and allows the car to rival most sports cars on the road today.

ECU Tune Performance Package

Also, don’t forget our ECU+ Package for a Mercedes tune. This allows you to keep your stock ECU as stock and we provide you with an additional ECU pre-programmed with your tune. Swapping the ECU is a simple job and will take the novice less than 5 minutes. Some like to swap out their tuned ECU for stock before they take it to the dealer for warranty work and it also stops the chance that a software update at the dealer could overwrite the tune.

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