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We’ve spent nearly 30 years maintaining Mercedes Benz vehicles from complete rebuilds to ECU tunes. Over the past 10 – 15 years, cars have been getting a lot more complicated and complications always rise to new opportunities. Nowadays, so much is controlled by the likes of the ECU that you can really make a difference without expensive upgrades. These can be added later, but the best bang for your buck these days is an ECU Tune. ECU tuning is safe and we always tune your vehicle within the safe limits of what your car is capable of. Our Mercedes ECU Tunes are tested in real world scenarios. From real drivers using their cars for every day errands, to the occasional track day; we keep your car running smoothly. There are no worries about increased emissions and on the majority of our tunes, owners report an uptick in fuel economy making our ECU Tunes ecologically sound. In addition to the new, enhanced program, we also keep your original ECU Flash on file. If you are not pleased with your tune, or decide it is too powerful for a daily driver, get in touch with us and we’ll get you your original file. We’re all about customer service. We work with every customer to make sure they’re 100% satisfied. If you think the business stops at ECU tuning, think again! Do you have a bad ECU? We can fix that with a Plug and Play M.E. Not only does this package include all VIN and Immobilizer information, but it comes pre-programmed with the latest software. Do you need a Virgin ECU that is ready to be paired with your vehicle? We offer a variety of Virgin Engine Control Modules that are unlocked, renewed, and ready to be activated using Xentry, DAS or Star Computer. Shops no longer have to worry about paying $3500 for a new ECU at their local dealership because one from PRESSERtech can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. We’ve got you covered! We also offer Mercedes Instrument Cluster Restoration and Sales of Unlocked Clusters for Plug and Play Installation. No longer are you required to pay retail price at your dealership. We can repair most instrument clusters or provide a replacement unlocked version specific to your Mercedes. Just give us a call or send us an email. We love Mercedes-Benz and it shows. In our service, our products and our pricing, we’ll make you a customer for life!