Background on the Mercedes S55 AMG V8 Kompressor

When looking at the Mercedes S55 AMG with a 5.4 Liter V8 supercharged engine, this car is older, but still packs a punch. We have worked on similar vehicles like this one, a 2003 SL55 model. But when looking at stock numbers, the S55 AMG was running at 493 horsepower and 516 LBS-FT torque. This car is great but we specialize in maximizing a cars potential. Our passion is to Performance Tune cars to reach their full potential so we started performance tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG. Over the past 20 years, cars have been getting more complex not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. We have adapted as the car industry has around us and we have done some great work!

S55 AMG Tune Specs

When we talk to our clients about Performance Tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG or any other model like the Mercedes SL55 AMG tune we did, we speak in terms of stages. The anticipated results of a Stage 1 tune with this vehicle was 530 horsepower and 565 LBS-FT torque. A Stage 2 tune would bring the vehicle’s performance up to around 535 horsepower and an impressive 605 LBS-FT torque. While this S55 AMG would see an overall upgrade, our shop at PRESSERTech was most excited about what we’d be able to do in terms of the torque upgrade.

With a Stage 2 tune in our plans, we got to work in the PRESSERtech garage. When our experienced technician’s tune, they target a small, but vital piece of technology under the car’s hood. This piece of technology is referred to as the engine control unit or ECU in shorter terms. If you’ve read some of our other blog posts or watched some of our videos, you know that this process is complex. We remove the ECU and use our in-house technology to modify its settings. In this case, breaking a Mercedes S55 AMG from its factory specs. With this stage 2 tune underway, we would be able to see what this car could really do.

Performance Tune Results

After Stage 2 of performance tuning a Mercedes S55 AMG, it was evident that our excitement beforehand was well warranted. We saw gains all around, including an increase of 42 more horsepower and 87 more LBS-FT of torque. That’s a 16% increase in torque for this Mercedes Benz, and we couldn’t be happier to share these results with our client. As car and driver said, “The Mercedes S55 AMG will just flat dust anything from the BMW 7-series portfolio”

Our Service

Performance Tuning a Mercedes S55, or even fixing up a CL55 AMG V8 like we outlined in this article, is an affordable way to make a potential huge improvement in your vehicle’s horsepower and torque. At PRESSERTech, we offer an affordable tune to increase your performance of your vehicle, new or old. If you’re thinking about a performance tune, give us a call at (770) 648-0500 or use our Contact Form. We’re happy to chat with you about what a performance tune can do for your vehicle.