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Word can express how great this folks are. The way they conduct business is excellent, so if you are looking to repair or any kind of job to your ECU don’t look anywhere else this is the place, Scott and Todd you guys are the greatest.Very thankful for everything you guys did for me, even went out of your way to help me with the fast shipping and installtion. If I could give you a thousands star I would have done it in a heartbeat, thank you and keep up the good work!

Its me De la Cheezy

Can’t say enough about Todd at Pressertech he is a professional and a gentleman and oh boy what a ECU tuner, he did a fantastic job on my CLS 55, he took it 550hp and 617fb of torque let me tell you, you better hold onto the wheel when you hit the pedal, this thing pulls like a mad beast and doesn’t stop pulling until you release the throttle it’s just unbelievable . So if you are on the fence about getting your Mercedes tuned I’m here to tell you to get off and give Todd a call over at PRESSERTECH you will be glad you did!

Jeffrey Foster

Tod and his team are amazing at what they do. You wouldn’t believe the results they provide, more than expected. Their customer services is also 10/10. Highly recommended to anybody.

Eduardo Mora

Had My 2016 Mercedes C300 4Matic tuned by Todd at PresserTech, thrilled with the result. The gain in responsiveness from the turbo engine is exactly what I was looking for. His work only makes me want for more! I’ve known Todd since before PresserTech started and he has always been first rate in assisting me. Will continue to earn my business as I am Benz for life! Thanks Todd and PresserTech!

Cameron Davis

PRESSERtech I cannot say enough about PRESSERtech outstanding work, the customer service is amazing! I have had my tune now for 2 months and I am amazed by the performance of my s600 v12 tt, the throttle response, the ridiculous power to speed is just exhilarating. Todd and company Thank You Thank You.

Steve Batten

Wow!! Superior next level service! I work for Mercedes-Benz and had initial reservations about tuner services outside of dealership recommended work. I have been thrilled BEYOND measure with my Stage 2 tune of my 2015 E550 Coupe!! This vehicle has a completely transformed personality with FEROCIOUS throttle response and Incredible horsepower increase (+550 HP) and tire wrenching torque (+700 ft/lbs). What’s actually even more surprising is that my gas mileage has actually INCREASED when driven normally in commuter traffic, being that much more efficient across the entire power-band. Owner / Chief Engineer Todd Presser has truly brought Tuner technology to the next level. Kudos to Scott as well for his management , explanation, and follow up professionalism throughout the process. I will be recommending this company for years to come. A 1st Class experience from beginning to end!

Kagan Scott

Scott is awesome! The turnaround time and service were so good, I wish I had more ECU’s to send them. They finished my ECU and had it shipped out in less than 24 hours! Great Service!

Hanna Macool

I am based in Auckland ,New Zealand, after researching the web thoroughly I came in contact with PRESSERtech, I received excellent advice and service from Todd, he really knows his stuff.
Excellent communication, great product and warranty, and a great price to top it all off.
My ECU arrived promptly and well packaged and I was up and running within a few hours of it arriving. I highly recommend this company and the Mercedes garage I dealt with here were also totally impressed. I’m sure they will be in touch.

Thanks again!

Niels Baars

Checking in from Calgary, Canada. Just had my V8 bi-turbo E550 Coupe tuned by Todd at PresserTech (M278, Stage II), and I’m very happy with the results and the customer service. Scott was very helpful throughout the process, and the turnaround time was very fast. And the most important part, the car has been completely transformed in the best possible way. Huge horsepower increase, and gobs of torque. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Count me as a very happy customer. Cheers and thanks again to Scott and Todd!

James Parkes

After a little more then a year on a complete flooded bluetec engine rebuild I contacted Pressertech for ECU diagnostics. Todd, have done an outstanding job, providing me with a new/rebuild ECU ready to plug it back. What it followed it was even better, he re-set remotely a lot of fault codes up to the point that I was able to start the car for the first time. All this in the back of my house. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate Todd and Scott high standards of customer relationship. !!! Bottom line: Exemplary service and down to earth cost$$ Thank you

Constantine Solomon

These guys are the best. Totally on top of their game. Got my 2014 S550 tuned. This thing is SERIOUSLY fast. Nothing but a huge recommendation for Pressertech.

Patrick Cooney

My Journey with Pressertech was simply the Best.Had a damaged Mercedes C240 ECU and sent it in for repair.Handling and shipping was done promptly and scott was great dealing with.Received the re-manufactured ECU and my Car is back in Business. Pressertech is the Real Deal for All MB ECU Tuning and Repairs. Kachinga Sichalwe, Solwezi, Zambia

Kachinga Sichalwe, Zambia

It’s nice to find a company that takes your business personally and Todd has provided that. With Todd and PresserTech you get treated like an individual, not just another sale. I actually got a personal profile tune on two cars based off what I wanted, not like the other companies that just send you a cookie cutter tune for your car. Since I change cars often, I actually have found myself shopping based on what Todd can do to the car. A bar none experience is the sum of Todd at PresserTech. Looking forward to what’s next!


Big kudos to Pressertech….. Todd was very helpful pre and post sale. I have a 2006 SL55 AMG with 84mm SC pulley upgrade. The Remap drastically changed the driving characteristics….smoother throttle response, no more SC lag, very peppy now…and did I mention…. a big torque and hp numbers! Would definitely recommend.

Lee VanMiddlesworth

Thanks Pressertech for the work done on my SL550!!! Outstanding performance and total professional service!! Highly recommend Pressertech!!!

Ken Honeyman

Amazing company, Scott was great to deal with. My ESL emulator for my W204 works absolutely flawlessly, and saved me over $1500+! Thanks again! Highly recommend!

Greg Kiss

Hi Scott,

Got a notice from Google yesterday informing me that around 100 people have already looked at the S555 photo posted with my review of PT. I’m not entirely clear on what they’re counting, but it’s an impressive number of views for an obscure review posted for less than two weeks. I hope at least half of ’em become new customers for PresserTech! I’ve only driven the car 150 miles or so since uptune, but NOW I’m just beginning to appreciate how deep the improvements go. There are brutally obvious moments like downshifting at 80MPH and hitting 110 in like two seconds, but also so many subtle improvements – hearing that engine breathe easily, as it was designed to breathe, and feeding it the fuel it wants the way it wants it, the crisper, stronger exhaust note… So many massive yet tiny improvements! It’s a very nice piece of finesse you did, right down to the red line being adjusted upward in the rev counter.

Jeffrey Arnold

After I read some of the other reviews for Pressertech, I decided to send them an email with some questions. Scott, with Pressertech responded promptly to my email and answered all of my questions. Being a novice to tuning an engine by ECU, I had follow up questions for Scott. He answered them within minutes. I must have sent him over 10 emails with questions over the next couple of days. I can honestly say that Scott answered every email within an hr and most of them within minutes. After all of the questions were answered, I sent the ECU overnight on a Friday afternoon. I didn’t expect it back until sometime the next week knowing it was the weekend. I was so surprised with the level of service that happened. Scott sent me emails letting me know he had received the ECU, an email when it was in line to get worked on, and he even said they would work on it on Saturday so they could get it in the mail to me by Monday. Scott did exactly what he said he would do. The ECU showed up on Tuesday with paperwork and detailed instructions for installation for “first timers”. Results: awesome!, the car performed exactly as they said. I was so impressed, I asked if I could get some decals of Pressertech that I could display on my car. They sent me three sharp looking decals that now are on my car. Overall, I definitely would rate the service a 10. I know I will be brining more ECU’s to Pressertech in the future. They have made a loyal customer out of me. thank you Scott. And best of all, the car (E550) runs great!!
Blake J Eastman

Blake Eastman