Not a Mercedes but a Different Type of Vehicle…

What to do when you love ECU Tuning as much as we do? Surely not what our CTO recently did! The story starts with a very short commute, beautiful weather and the love of the outdoors (we’re joking with the last one!). So our CTO Todd Presser decided he’d like something to ride to work on those beautiful days that we have here in Atlanta. We were thinking he’ll get a Harley or perhaps one of those go fast imports but no. He had to break the mold and bought a Vespa… A Vespa? We asked. Yes, a Vespa. If you are unfamiliar with a Vespa, they are an iconic motor scooter brand coming from Italian descent. 

Tuning it? Is it Possible?

So what do you think the CTO of PRESSERtech does first? For those of you that guessed that he’d find a way to tune it, you’re absolutely right. So how does one go around ECU Tuning a Vespa? Todd’s response, “you start off by identifying the ECU and go from there just like we always do” and that’s exactly what he did.

Once he had the ECU in hand he was able to manually connect it up to our race software. As a result, he was off and running. A few tries with different settings and his vroom went to a VROOMMMM. Believe it or not, we weren’t surprised with the results knowing the work we are capable of!

In Conclusion

So if you’re driving around Atlanta one day and see a guy going way too fast on a Vespa, you’ve probably just met our CTO. Or if you come upon possession of a Vespa and are looking to get it tuned…go ahead and contact us and we’ll get you set up. We are usually working on Mercedes but we do work on all types of vehicles! Congratulations Todd, we expected nothing less!